The Hidden Secret of Ancient Warriors

The Hidden Secret of  Ancient Warriors

Alexander the Great was the fiercest and most feared conqueror of the then known world around 323 B.C.  The Greek king-cum-general was one year shy of his 30th birthday but he had already established an empire that almost connected East and West. Many kings had defied his demand to surrender and pledge allegiance, and all of them had fallen to his sword, their kingdoms razed to the ground, their treasures sacked, their men and women killed, if not enslaved.

But the young military genius was stopped in his tracks as he was about to cross the Hydapes River in ancient India. Frustrated in his conquest, he reluctantly and bitterly turned his forces back and retreated to Babylon where he died three years later.

All because of a green plant known as moringa.

Alexander’s enemy

It’s not that moringa created a huge forest that blocked Alexander’s path, or contained infections that immobilized his crew. Moringa was the daily vegetable consumed by the Maurian warriors who guarded India. The Maurians matched Alexander’s legend pound by pound, using today’s boxing language. They were known for their valor, stamina, and great strength. They rarely got sick and could endure enormous stress. They did not need as much sleep as most warriors, and they could withstand a great deal of pain.

The results – and the official war records – speak for themselves. The Maurians unleashed hell and themselves on Alexander’s army 60 times in 60 battles in just over two years. That means they clashed with the Greeks every single month for 48 months. Browbeaten, starved, with their bodies unable to adjust to a foreign climate, the proud Alexander and his armies fell back.

More than their swords and spears, the Maurians had the modest moringa as their secret weapon for lasting health and powerful physicality  – which led to their constant victories in the battlefield.

Inner health

It was a secret that other empires in past eras had also used to their advantage. The Romans who followed Alexander’s path to glorious empire-building extracted its roots and leaves to develop as medicines. Their own famous soldiers – the brutal legionnaires who ruthlessly subjected entire cities and countries in Asia and Europe  – recovered from their wounds and got back to health by consuming the plant or drinking its liquid form.

The Chinese thousands of years ago also tapped into the healing and medicinal properties of moringa, although for more peaceful purposes. What made the Chinese different from the other physicians and healers of their time was that they had the insight to see that moringa could heal not just the body, but a person’s mind and spirit. It was said that the Chinese healers applied the substance extracted from moringa into a patient’s body parts, but to the deepest levels. As the healing took effect and penetrated the innermost tissues and organs of the patient, he was also relieved of his great stress and felt peace and serenity enter his soul. One result was that the healed patient also felt great self-confidence upon recovery.

If you want to know what this magical, mythical plant is, look no further than your nearest marketplace or supermarket. That’s right, the ancient moringa is available in the Philippines at very affordable prices. It’s something your mother must have also encouraged you to eat as a child – it’s our own homegrown malunggay.

The secrets that the ancients enjoyed can also be yours. Consume malunggay daily and complement that diet with regular exercise. In time, your immune system will grow strong, and the power that rushes through your veins every day will be regular — malunggay can equip you to face and defeat your own Alexandrian challenges in the workplace or at home.

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